His life as your life


Any view of God that is not Christ and only Christ will be polluted with some aspect of the character of Satan.


The trinity assures us that the essence of God is both personal and communal and that our life is defined as the life and the light that is God as a state of being. Thus when Jesus came among us as the life and the life of men and women He was the bearer of the nature of the trinity and not of something restricted to Himself as a person. ‘Christ in you’ means the trinity in you and with you.

As is emphasised in these posts Godliness is about being. It’s not about words on paper and abstractions. It would be if the knowledge of good and evil was still in place with its culture of sin and death was calling the shots but it is not. We were made to live in God and now we do – if we choose to live in our inheritance rather than leaving it buried in the ground. Genuine Godliness is God come in the flesh. First as the Christ in Palestine and then in all who believe; Christ come in your flesh. John warns that dilutions of this come from
the anti-christ spirit.


Torrance observes that,

“The Greek notion of logos (λ
γος) was Christianised by being assimilated into the Old Testament notion of the Word of the Lord and the New Testament notion of the Word, who was with God and was God, become flesh in Jesus Christ. In contrast to the Greek idea of the logos as an abstract cosmological principle, it was distinctive of Christian theology, that the Logos inheres in the very being of God (νοσιος λγος) and is identical with the Person of the Son.” (1)

Today the logos inheres in the very being of you.

Obtusely legalistic Christian cultures are shaped by a Greek and Roman notion of the righteousness of God. It is this obsession with the letter - originating in paganism - that defines the lesser godliness of fundamentalism. Laws on stone and marks on paper are innately anti-life. Law constricted theology is a fruit of the tree of knowledge. But Christ your life theology originates in the tree of life that is the cross.

The salvation of the world is not found in a moral program but in the person of Jesus Christ.

The bounty of Christ in you and Christ our life is that the life of the universe that emanates from God and is God transfuses you and us. By being part of God we are joined in a proper and life-giving manner to the life of the universe. We are drawn by Jesus into Himself which means to be drawn into God. Jesus draws all things into Himself, which means drawing all parts of the creation into the fellowship of the trinity.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 72). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.