His life as your life


The simple and exact meaning of the atonement is at-one-ment. The result of this is that we are one with God, not separated in any way and able to rejoice in the fellowship of the trinity in Christ’s rejoicing in this Fellowship.

Where is this trinity? In us. Where are we? In the trinity. In oneness with God and interwoven into God’s being we are holy because God is holy and the most truly ourselves.

There are people and not a few of them that never make this transition to oneness with God even though oneness is theirs. Like the climate change denier they fear to leave behind the familiar order to enter a new and living way of being the creation. There are folks too, who are hooked on some version of ‘doing.’ They spend their lives not getting that fruitful doing comes out of ‘being;’ of being one with God and living in the belief and practice that we and Father are one. Sure we are not denied eternal life but the life that flows from us is fitful and not continuous and comes in drops rather than rivers. If it is not spirit and life that is flowing through our being it has no relevance to eternity and is not Kingdom life at all.


The parable of The Sower illustrates that embedded (seeded) in the incarnation – in the deep reality of God’s being - we produce extravagant life. Rooted in our own concoctions our efforts as a limited as a rock, crow infested field. We are not fruitful because we work hard. We produce much fruit because Christ is our life. Such fruit is invisible to the Christian Workaholic but easily witnessed by those resting in Christ their life.

‘Oneness’ is the effect of the incarnation that was planned before the world began.

The atonement is summed up exhaustively in the name Jesus Christ. As God for us and man on our behalf, Jesus Christ Himself is the fullness of our reconciliation with God. Who He is for us and what He has accomplished on our behalf is the sum of the Gospel and of redemption.  Who Jesus is the beginning, middle, and end of all we must say about the nature of the atonement. If we are to come to understand what took place in Jesus’ death, we must not divorce this death from the life and person of the man Jesus Christ. Person and work must not be separated. It is for this reason that J. McLeod Campbell writes, “the atonement is the development of the incarnation.” (1)

In the truth of the incarnation Christ is you, which is to say that you and all who believe are a manifestation of Him. This is how the church gets to be His Body. We get to be His Body in His Way, His Truth and His life. There’s one life and one Gospel. If everyone has their own gospel the notion of the ‘gospel’ is not falsifiable, which means that it is a mirage amounting to something and nothing. If a proposition is not falsifiable it is neither scientific or true.

There is A WAY and it is the living way of Christ in you, Christ your life, Christ come in your flesh.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 95). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.