His life as your life


A woman in our home group once remarked, “I’d prefer it if God just gave me a list of things to do so that I could go out and do them.’ The trouble is, if God did he would not be the God who He is and you would not be the you who you really are. God would be a caricature of Himself and you would be some kind of parody of a human being. As it is you are a son/daughter of God whether you know it or not.


Any detailed programme of behaviors held as revelation did not come from God. God is not a micro-manager. He lives in us by His Spirit so that we can be our best self.

There’s an attraction to legalistic of relationships to God. Manual laborers can have it. Some surgeons do. It’s a product of mechanical thinking and a dehumanised world view - the view of the fundamentalist. Many follow a contractual version of godliness – obey and live. Trouble is we do not obey and in trying to do so, we do not live. In contract mode we are neither fully human or fully alive.


It took Jesus to reveal God, represent ourselves and be the harbinger of genuine life. Life not found in ‘not sinning.’ Life is found in being in God as a son. It’s found in being the expression of God. The concepts revealed in Francois Du Toit’s Mirror Bible come from his more accurate translation of the gospel of the Kingdom. Earlier translators could not believe that the gospel was that good, that Father was so loving and that we are who we are becoming in Jesus. Many ‘gospels’ except for the most enlightened teach separationism and ‘Try-Harderism’. Jesus, Paul and John teach that you and Father are one.


The truth is that to see Jesus is to see God and to see God is to see yourself, know yourself and to become increasingly who you were created to be as a son/daughter God. This comes not from the gifts, the anointing or signs and wonders, although they aid and confirm it. The truth that you are part of our Father and have nobility as you comes from the incarnation. Richard Rohr writes,

The True Self, in its original, pure, primordial state, is wholly or partially identifiable or even identical with God, the Ultimate Reality that is the ground and origin of all phenomena. That which you long for, you also are. In fact, that is where the longing comes from. Longing for God and longing for our True Self are the same longing. And the mystics would say that it is God who is even doing the longing in us and through us (that is, through the divine indwelling, or the Holy Spirit).” (1)

Christ is in you reconciling you to yourself. By reconciling all of us to Himself and ourselves He transforms us into our real selves, the sons and daughters of God and we become the new creation kings and priests of God.

  1. (1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.