His life as your life


Taking Paul’s remark that the plan accomplished is ‘Christ in us’ and the plan in action is ‘Christ our life,’ we must ensure that we know that the foundation of our life in God is neither the law or the anointing and spiritual gifts. The foundation of the Kingdom is the incarnation by which we mean Christ come in our flesh to manifest as individuals and the church.

In the new testament age righteousness becomes Christ’s life expressed as your life and the life of God becomes your life infused by His life – which makes you an agent of spirit and life. Spirit and life is alive and lasts forever. The opposite is the flesh which has no effect on the Kingdom of God other than to impede it.


This is simple and profound. It means that Christ’s life becomes our life as individuals and as the church. Just as the word of God appeared ad the Christ revealing God and being God so the word among us is us being the sons of God and revealing God in the spirit of sonship.

Incarnation is different to an attempt to be Godly like living in externalities such as the law or fashionable Christian behaviors. His Kingdom is not moralism. His Kingdom is Christ as you. It is God in His fullness living in you and manifesting as the person you are in your life. Christian Kettler writes,

The actuality of revelation and reconciliation as the ministry of God begins with Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Why not the Father? Why not the Holy Spirit? The incarnation of the Son makes the difference. The true “point of contact” between God and humanity is the man Christ Jesus.” (1)


The point of contact between the world of non-belief and God is you and it is us with Christ as our life. Unless we are living an incarnated life, which all can because it is a gift, our charities have nothing to offer than the kindnesses that any non-believer might offer. Unless the spirit and life is flowing through us that comes from union with God is touching others we have no more of the Kingdom of God than the charitable atheist – better than nothing but not spirit and life. This is the point of Paul’s remarks in Romans 8. Alive in the Spirit we are alive with eternal life.

Our understanding of what the cross achieved affects the mission of the church. If we understand that the result of the cross is that we and Father are one, we will emit streams of life and not religion. Our life in God involves actual union and real companionship with the trinity and its members. One with God our mission has the correct focus, is always timely and offer those we meet a flow of spirit and life. Kettler observes,

“Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing” (John 5:19; Cf. John. 5:17,26,30,36; 6:37,44,57; 8:16,18,29; 10:18; 12:49). The revelation of the Son immediately becomes the revelation of the Father. There is a mutual knowledge between the Father and the Son: “No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him” (Matt 11:27). Clearly this passage shows that not only is the incarnation our access to the Son, but also that the incarnation of the Son truly reveals the Father.”

Just as clearly this union of Father and Son is your union with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are in fellowship with God and you minister to people by releasing to them spirit and life and not mere motions of the flesh.

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