His life as your life


If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered from the divorce and the separation of yourself from a son or daughter, you will know something of the passion to regain companionship with your offspring. You will know that your quest is about enjoying them as a person and exulting in their companionship and love.
God’s obsession is not with sin. Neither is it the law. God’s obsession and passion is the enjoyment of you. To live outside of this realization can be to live in a subdued misery that you call ‘your faith.’
The cross is about Christ’s undoing of separated Adam and the union and fellowship of you and of us all with the Holy Family. Baxter Kruger observes,
Before creation, our adoption and its accomplishment in Jesus Christ-was raised as the banner of all banners in heaven.
It was not the Fall of Adam, therefore, that set God's agenda; it was the decision to share the great dance with us through Jesus.
Adam's plunge certainly threatened God's dreams for us, but that threat had been anticipated and already strategically overcome in the predestination of the incarnation. Jesus Christ did not become human to fix the Fall; he became human to accomplish the eternal purpose of our adoption.” (1)
Belonging to the community of Christ’s body has everything to do with possessing the same Christ and the same gospel as the community of the saints. If we are not alert we can belong to ‘this body of death,’ the community of those who cling to the law and in doing so deny themselves the communion with life that is theirs in the gospel of Jesus and the apostles. Paul spoke of this kind of ‘fellowship’ as ‘
living in slavery with her children.’ This is the opposite spirit to the spirit of adoption.
What is our adoption? It is that we and our Father are one. There has been no separation since the cross. A mindset of separation is a continuation of the lie that you must do something extra ‘to be as gods’. But you already were as gods – which is to say you were the sons of God. And you are sons now. Now in Jesus Christ this Adamic separation wrought through a lie is undone. It was undone when Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ It is undone for you when you say, ‘Jesus, I agree that you are my life and that in you I and My Father are one.”
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