His life as your life


It’s not an uncommon view that if we have more laws we would be better off. This is a theme in secular humanism, feminism, Islam and fundamentalist Christianity. Some Christian communities believe law-keeping is the issue of salvation. It’s not though. The Fatherhood of God and the sonship of you are the issues of salvation.


Our life in God is much better, more secure and God is more desirous of us than many think. But many Believers live in such a distorted variety of christianity that what they have endured for most of their life is a lie. Leanne Payne observes, “When one lives in the midst of a lie long enough, it becomes a part of you whether you want to rationally accept it or not.” (1)

So what is required of Jesus on our behalf is not only healing our limbs but healing the ‘lens’ that is us. Laws, rules and regulations are the stuff of the culture of the knowledge of good and evil. But a law-focus and fundamentalisms are not God’s Christianity, since genuine Christianity is not about condemnation or a religion but the person of Jesus Christ. The core of redeemed life is the incarnation, whereby God weaves us into Himself and Himself into us.


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

This is one of the most important scriptures in the new testament, yet it has been hidden under wood-heaps of legalism and rubble piles of institutionalism.

The unity and integrity of the cosmos occurs in the person of Jesus Christ. Same place as the unity and integrity of you. This unity, purpose and communion of beings and things relates together in the law of the spirit of life – the persons of the trinity: God. This is the source, middle and end point of the universe.

You are not only in Christ. You as a son/daughter are a manifestation of our Father. No, it’s not something to live up to. It’s something to ‘be’ because you already are.


“The eternal plan is for the Father to lavish Himself upon us, to give Himself and all that He is and has to us, to share with us His own life and joy unspeakable, full of glory. Adoption means to be included in God’s very own life, made a participant in His fullness, filled with God. Moreover, this purpose of inclusion in God the Father’s own life carries with it the plan to custom-make us for participation in His life.” (2)

(1) Leanne Payne, Restoring the Christian Soul: Overcoming Barriers to Completion in Christ Through Healing Prayer

(2) Kruger, C. Baxter. God Is For Us. Kindle Edition.