His life as your life


François Du Toit has done us a great service by entitling His translation of the Bible, ‘The Mirror’. A gifted linguist he has removed veils over words and concepts that have dulled the full glory of God’s achievements for us in Christ. Primarily he has shown us that Jesus Christ is the mirror in which we can see God and the mirror in which we see ourselves. He has not given us a new gospel. But he has shown many of us that Christ and His gospel is better than many of us have realised. Use the law as a mirror and we will see ourselves as cripples. Use Jesus as the Mirror and we will see ourselves as we are and who we are becoming. The best prophetic words reveal to us who we really are in Jesus.

The image of ‘mirror’ is closely related to the ‘
vicarious humanity of Jesus’. This is a theological statement that expressed the completeness of God for you. All would do well to study it.


Although it is not as obvious, the real nature of things is found in the Christ of God who is the logos and the one from whom creation sprang. Thus it is in Him and His coming forth from the tomb that the new creation springs and multiplies *. There is a potential in things and an innate glory inherent in them waiting to be brought forth in the personal redemption and resurrection of Christ in us and Christ in all things. This is why we must take careful note of the incarnation and ensure that we live in its reality and not waste our substance in externalities. Richard Rohr also recognises this in his remarks on ‘mirroring’.

It is to mirror things correctly, deeply, and fully until all things know who they are. A mirror by its nature reflects impartially, equally, effortlessly, spontaneously, and endlessly. It does not produce the image, nor does it filter the image according to its perceptions or preferences. Authentic mirroring can only call forth what is already there. But we can enlarge this idea of mirroring to give us another way to understand our key themes [in living a Kingdom life]. For example, there is a divine mirror that might be called the very “Mind of Christ.” The Christ mirror fully knows and loves us from all eternity, and reflects that image back to us.” (1)


Christ in you is the new and living way in which the son of man is mirrored in you. Incarnated in you He becomes you. The church composed of such people is the church built without human hands – this construction is Christ’s multiplication of Himself in all who believe, in the Spirit. Avoid truncated gospels that have never emerged from the law or half gospels that specialise in the healing and the gifts and ignore the prime reality: The reality that by the new covenant you and our Father are one and that we live in the presence of the trinity and they are in us. They are with you and in you. This is your inheritance - Your state of being a son and living in the spirit of sonship. This is both mirroring and new creation life.

Jesus did not come as an example for us, but of us. Beholding Jesus in any other way, sentimentally or religiously, will bring no lasting change. Now in Christ we may know ourselves, even as we have always been known (1 Cor 13:12).”  ― François Du Toit, The Mirror Bible.

* The new creation is personal and cosmic. It begins as a mustard seed – Christ in you and fills the entire earth. If the see be compared to gold we will see that it must be genuine gold and not fool’s gold.
(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (pp. 59-60). SPCK. Kindle Edition.