His life as your life


‘The Plan’ that Paul speaks of is more magnificent than most of us have seen. It’s not about the law or Christian values. Neither is it about a battle between Christ and Satan. The latter is not that powerful. Life in its fullness is in Christ who is the conduit of the joy and exhilaration of the trinity into you and I.

“Before we were born, before creation was born, before we did anything right or wrong, God the Father determined that we would be brought into union with Him and made full participants in His life and glory. This is the staggering plan in the Father’s heart from all eternity. Out of the womb of this glorious purpose creation was birthed and we were given existence. Unto this end we are sustained.” (1)

In Christ we are drawn into the life of God. In Christ the presence of God in fullness is resident in us. In Jesus is life that life is the life of you and I. He is the One who joins us to the infinite life of trinity, charges us with genuine personhood and ensure that we overflow with spirit and life and are not dead men walking or dead women talking.

Home in on where the life is. Target personified life itself. Don’t be distracted onto make-believe, subtly presented idols and useless rites. Jesus lives in you and becomes you. This is life to the full. This is The Plan.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. God Is For Us.loc 189, Kindle Edition.