His life as your life


People who follow Jesus where ever He leads are more scarce than we might think. Some have a passion for Jesus because they have a passion for life. Other have a dependent relationship on their religion that allows them a few drops of spirit and life but never a river. You can cling to your denominational icon that seems to give you an identity – but not as a son. You can wear the rain coat of your denominational distinctive and because of it your real identity as a son of God and an agent of spirit and life dissolves like a paddle-pop in the rain.


The pure in heart see God. Not only do they see Him but they see God and themselves as they are. Who God is as Himself and who we are in Him is way better than anyone can ever be as a hawker of religious icons with Holy Spirit added.

An addiction to our own ideas is death to the new creation waiting to well up within us. An active missionary life can be lived even though we are dead folks walking. But we will not be vessels of spirit and life. All of us can end up in heaven without having experienced much of heaven’s life on earth or disseminated it as ministers of the new covenant because we live in the old. Thus with Adam we are constrained in a culture of death when we could be in Jesus and multiplying His life.


Good souls will one day be horrified at the things they now believe of God…such must take courage to forsake the false in any shape, to deny their old selves in the most seemingly sacred of prejudices, and follow Jesus, not as he is presented in the tradition of the elders, but as he is presented by himself, his apostles, and the spirit of truth.” 1 George MacDonald (1824-1905) (1).
If you are more interested in presenting the tradition of your elders, than living in life to the full, then nothing in these posts is for you. You might as well relax and sink into a haze in the comfort of the half-life of the perspective that is yours.

(1) Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (p. 13). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.