His life as your life


It’s a tragic circumstance to imagine ourselves living in the life of God when we are really living in the body of death. Jesus warned of tares and Paul warned of ‘other gospels’. Jude ‘Felt compelled to write and urge us to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God's holy people.’ There are not multiple gospels of the Kingdom. Only one. Belonging to the ‘one loaf’ is not an endorsement of ‘other gospels’ or ‘doctrines of demons’. To belong to the One Loaf is to share in Jesus fellowship with the Holy Family and live in the reality of our new covenant union with God. Living an Adamic life of separation in the name of the gospel is a nonsense Paul called ‘living in slavery with her children.’


Should we have absorbed relativism as a mindset it will not be hard to rationalise pluralism as theology and justify aberrant gospels as legitimate. One can speak of the body of Christ, yet utilise this notion as a fiction that justifies our attachment to a gospel that is no gospel at all. If everything is true then nothing is false. We have condemned ourselves to nonsense. Nonsense is not ok just because it’s largely our religion. Life is found in the Father of Truth.

Sincere ministers can spend their lives attempting to mend a gospel that is no gospel at all because it is a ministry of clouds without rain and essentially an illusion. Richard Rohr observes,

“Jesus can hold together one group or religion. Christ can hold together everything. In fact, Christ already does this; it is we who resist such wholeness, as if we enjoy our arguments and our divisions into parts.” (1)

Our divisions, perspectives and parts give some a false sense of identity and a smug sense of being ‘special.’ But uniqueness and specialness come to us as a result of being hidden in the Christ of God rather than inventing our own gospels and our own ‘christs’.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 47). SPCK. Kindle Edition.