His life as your life



The incarnation of God in you and in us is everything because Christ is all, for all and in all. Because you are ordained to be the manifestation of Jesus we have the growing advance of the new creation Kingdom of God in our persons and communities. Yet this Kingdom is more than the Christ as a manifestation of you.

It is the new creation that is the manifestation of Christ.

Baxster Kruger puts it this way, BEFORE “Before the beginning, the Father said: ‘You, My beloved Son, will go and step into creation.’ ‘You, My beloved Son, in whom My soul delights, will become a human being, a real man.’ ‘You will plunge yourself into the midst of human brokenness and eradicate it and forge the real human existence with Me for them.’ ‘You will invade and attack all alienation and foreignness and replace it with our life and fullness.’

‘You will penetrate every fibre of human wrongness and undo it, circumcise and crucify it.’ CHRIST AS US ‘You will be their holiness and blamelessness.’ ‘You will be their at-oneness, exaltation and adoption.’ ‘You will cross the chasm, all the chasms, between us and bring them to Me—tailor-made, right, and ready for Me and life in My house.’ DEEP PLAN From all eternity, the Father elected His own Son to be the executor of His plans for us.

Here is amazing, and indeed humbling, grace. From the very beginning, the Father put man soundly in his place and gloriously elected Jesus to be the vicarious Man. He planned that we would be woven into the fabric of Jesus’ existence.” (1)

The Kingdom of God is Jesus incarnated as society. It’s what Paul called, ‘Christ our life’.
Jesus presented Himself as the life of the world. He did not represent religion. Nor was He a salesman for the law. He represented God as the revelation of the Father and of us, His sons. Neither was his message a sin-mongering gospel. He declared Himself as the life of God who drives out degradation and replaces it with infinite life.

When our proclamation is the condemnation of sinners to hell we immunise people against God. We distort who God is and reveal that we are grossly mis-guided about Jesus and His gospel. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. But there is infinite life and inevitable transformation. Yet even then Father does not regard people as His project. He sees us as His daughters and sons whose company He desires.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. God Is For Us. Kindle Edition.