His life as your life


Christianity was never intended to be a religion. What Jesus began was intended to be a life – not a life called christianity or ‘my faith’. But God’s life for you and as you. In Jesus we get more than what we had in Eden and more than a holy day once per week. We get a Sabbath life.
The incarnation – life in the Spirit – is God’s Person realised in you. Because Christ is in you Christ is manifest in the world.
Our life in God is not an abstraction. It is God loving you, God in you and God expressing Himself
as you. This is the Spirit of sonship. It is also the new creation.
‘He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit’ Titus 3.5 NIV.
If our life-lens is the law – our lived out expression will be an ideology. If our lens is Jesus He will be more than an example. He will be the life of God as our life. He will be our inclusion in the Holy Family.
The cross did not happen to validate the law or uphold it as a way of life. The cross was the means of God’s life becoming your life. God’s way is new, alive and loving. The way of the law is at worst mean and at best a dead tree. The cross is actually a tree of life – the tree on which the death of Jesus becomes the life of you and of the world. It’s the new and living way in which your Adam is put to death and Jesus becomes your life.
When our hearts see the Cross as a white hot demonstration of God’s love for all of humanity, they will be supernaturally charged with a reciprocal love. Thomas F. McCall, in his book, ‘Forsaken’, writes: God is for us.  It is not part of God that is for us-as if some divine persons or some divine attributes were opposed to me while others are for me-it is just God who is, in the impassable simplicity of the Trinitarian life, radically for us .  The death of Jesus does not make it possible for God to love us.  The death of Jesus makes it possible for us truly to know God’s love, makes it possible for us to love God.” (1)
We can give drops of love as a duty. We can release rivers of love when Jesus is us.
Attached to the law, we can live in a contractual relationship with God – a form of Christian accountancy and just as lifeless – even when jollied up by the ‘gifts’. When Christ is our life, His life is our life, His fellowship in the trinity our fellowship and Father’s love for Jesus is Father’s love for us. With Jesus as our life we and Father are one. Our being is one and we gain a oneness with fellow Believers that
astonishes the world. We are His spirit and life.

(1) Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (pp. 114-115). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.