His life as your life


The Gospel of the Kingdom is the healing of ourselves and the healing of the nations. What is the key to this healing? It flows from the cross – THE AT-ONEMENT OF OURSELVES AND GOD.

Baxster Kruger summarises the harvest of the cross: “Justification has so dominated the landscape of Christian thought that adoption has been marginalized. We don't hear much about our adoption at all. We hear a lot about forgiveness, but very little about the staggering reality of our inclusion in Jesus' relationship with his Father in the Spirit.”


When Paul tells of Christ our life He is speaking about this ‘adoption’, this undoing of separation. When Jesus cried ‘It is finished!’ he declared SEPARATION FINISHED. The essence of adoption is that we and our Father are one. This is our new covenant life – that in Jesus we have been drawn into the fellowship of God, which is the companionship of each of us with the trinity. It is our fellowship is with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Gifts, miracles and signs have their place as advertisements of this Greater Healing. Adam’s alienation is undone. Christs union with Father is now our union.

There is nothing universalist here. You get what you believe in. Or you miss out on your inheritance because you have accommodated yourself to a distorted narrative. Sure, we go to heaven but we bring little of heaven to earth because we have been diluted with cunningly devised fables.


Spiritual gifts bolted on to an old covenant mindset are not the Kingdom of God. This kind of religion cannot be sustained as it has no root. It’s like growing wheat in a saucer of cotton wool and water. It starts well and withers as soon as it reaches limitation.

The parable of the Sower is actually about the rootedness of Believers in the soil of our Father. The rocks, weeds and birds are the half gospels, other gospels and marketers of religion that dilute the gospel of the Kingdom and hinder the life of Christ in us and as us. J. B. Torrance writes,

“The prime purpose of the incarnation, in the love of God, is to lift us up into the life of communion, of participation in the very Triune life of God’ (Pg. 32).


The incarnation is the soil of Kingdom Life. Incarnation is the Big Deal of new testament living. Jesus called Himself the way, the truth and the life – His everything as us. Paul spoke of Christ in us and Christ as us. John urged us to get with the union with God that is our inheritance with the words, ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Many have not yet realized this Kingdom Core. But they are in this season.

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit are real and show that Jesus is alive and active on earth today. But the major manifestation of the trinity is you and Bob, Norma, Jill, Susan Harvey. Christ in you is the hope of glory in the present and the future. This is the Kingdom of God in spirit and in truth. The prophetic spirit [as well as the gifts, words of knowledge and healing] is more than predicting the future, or "reading someone's mail." It is a bursting forth, evidence of the glory of the new relationship Christ has wrought for the believer with the Father.(1)


You and Father are one. This is the reality of your sonship, your unique identity and the key to the Spirit without limit. But you must grasp it, possess it and live in your inheritance. Say this often:

‘Jesus, you have drawn me in to your life. In you I am a son of God in spirit and in truth. I am one with My Father. You have come in my flesh and I am alive in the Spirit of Sonship.’

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 1117-1118). . Kindle Edition.