His life as your life


Some people are unable to relate fully to themselves or to others. It has nothing to do with some psychological stance and everything to do with their living in the communion of the trinity that is their inheritance.

This communion of acceptance and celebration is not something earned. It is already ours as the gift of Christ’s life for us.

There are variations in a relationship with God. We can have as much or as little of Him as we want. Religion, even Christianity can insulate us from Jesus and from ourselves. Our inheritance is personal and communal and can be as intimate as we wanted it to be. David the Psalmist had intimacy with God because he chose to. Same with Moses. They both would have had a different intimacy because they are different people and lived in different time.


We can have a routine or distant relationship with God out of choice or because we don’t know any better.

Religion makes union like layers between ourselves and God because religion is not God. It’s a fabric of human constructs.

Our God relationship was never meant to be like a bad marriage or of the kind one might have with a head-master. Our relationship with God since the cross and Pentecost bulges with possibility because of the at-one-ment. Jesus promised that by Holy Spirit He would be in us and with us. God is God’s own mediator. He is directly in you and woven into your being as you are into the trinity. Our access to and companionship with the trinity has to be the most exciting thing ever and the reason for a great life adventure.


God is joined to us by His Spirit. Jesus is both matter and spirit and God. He lives in us and emphasises that He has come in our flesh. He lives in our body soul and spirit.

One with God in this way we are one with ourselves. We can choose a lesser relationship with God by living from layers of religion and the law. To live an old covenant life in restrained in the knowledge of good and evil after God has made a new and living way into fellowship with Himself is our choice. But the result is separation from God, insulation from our deeper selves and an inability to relate on a deep level with Believers for whom Christ Himself is their life.

“You see, volumes are crammed into these little phrases, “in Him” (v. 4), and “through Jesus” (v. 5). Paul is telling us that this great decision of the Father was not made in the abstract. It was made in Jesus. We were chosen in Christ, predestined to adoption through Jesus.” (1)

God is not stuck in Sabbaths or churches. He’s in you.

Should we live from the law it is likely that we will live from abstractions because thats what the law is. To be fully human and fully alive we need to live in Christ’s person and embrace what is ours: Christ our life. There are no layers and no insulating barriers in this state of being. You and God are one.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. God Is For Us. Kindle Edition.