His life as your life


There’s no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Just acceptance, belonging and the impartation of new life. Jesus imparts life without limit. He lives to fill our cups with life to the full.

To imagine that the law is the core of spirituality is an oxymoron. Law compartmentalises, judges and condemns. Grace is not something that helps us cope with the law. Grace is Christ and the unlimited life of God that we enter through Jesus and which enters the world through all in whom God is incarnated. The only thing that Jesus condemns is unbelief and hypocrisy, both based on lies and both forms of degradation and death.


The issue of life is not the law and compliance to it. The issue is the Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of You.

There’s a lot to be angry about in this present life like the despoliation of the earth for the sake of greed, the ruination of the Great Barrier Reef at the hands of the Investment Class, the reign of dictators and the folly of the American people in choosing a president like Donald Trump. And the promotion of private gospels for private gain. Road rage and murder are both symptoms of the smouldering anger generated in people by the injustices and futility of much of social life. Nevertheless, for the Believer, Christ is our life and we must work on allowing this to BE OUR BEING rather than a slogan.


Irritation, sarcasm, suspicion, anger, and self-pity are snares that will neutralize you. Whatever happened in your life to cause anger, resentment, self-pity or regret, is now past tense and history; to continue to harbor these thoughts within you, keeps the poison in your system. Forgiveness based upon our true original value redeemed in Christ, releases the flow and healing virtue of the love of God. Titus 3:2-5.

Faith speaks the truth about you. Faith only communicates what love inspires. Instead of blame, bless, instead of complain, praise. Even the biggest failure feels encouraged and challenged rather than intimidated or condemned in the presence of faith. Jesus was known to be the friend of sinners. No one ever felt condemned or judged unworthy by him. He only judged religious hypocrisy and unbelief
.” (1)

Jesus judges unbelief because life is found exclusively in Himself and His Gospel of the Kingdom. A casual or partisan attitude to truth aligns us with the Father of Lies and the culture of spiritual death. We can manifest an artificial grace while living from ‘another gospel.’ But only because we are anesthetised to life ad not awake to it. We come alive in our spirit and experience health in our souls when Christ Himself is our life. This is an ontological reality and never a doctrinal position or construct. The Kingdom is not a religion. It is Christ as you and Christ as us all. This spreading reality becomes the new creation and the new earth.

(1) Du Toit, Francois. God Believes in You . Mirror Word Publishing. Kindle Edition.