His life as your life


It’s easy to spend one’s life in a partial gospel or a non-gospel. Some devout pastors spend their entire lives, trying to mend aspects of gospels that are untenable and substantially untrue. Others make a bid to fix an old garment or old wineskin that Jesus said was beyond repair. Any gospel the makes the law or ‘sinning’ the obsession of God did not come from God. John plainly said, ‘In Him is life and that life is the light if all mankind.’ Jesus declared Himself the Un-doer of Lies and the Lord of Unlimited Life.

Sin, the law and the old covenant stem from the un-life of ‘dead – while-alive – Adam’. Life without limit is ours because Christ is our life. You can access this life by agreeing with Jesus that He is.

Versions of Christianity may be about ‘moralism’ but they is not what Jesus left us as an inheritance. He bequeathed us a life in which we are interwoven with God. Condemning homosexuals and sinners is not Godly and contradictions Jesus’ mission and manner.

Bible study as Paul urged is beneficial, but your self-improvement does not come from reading new testament principles and applying them. We are no more adept at this exercise than Jews where in keeping the law.

Life and then righteousness comes from Christ in you being all that is alive. The new testament is not a new type of law. It’s the declaration that Christ is our life in every way.

In the book of Revelation Jesus is depicted as our beginning and our future. In His I AM He is revealed as our identity. To see Jesus is to see you. Jesus is who you are and who you are becoming with His life as yours. Jesus is also the Door to our companionship with the trinity and the life of heaven. Baxter Kruger puts it this way,

“It was not the Fall of Adam, therefore, that set God's agenda; it was the decision to share the great dance with us through Jesus. Adam's plunge certainly threatened God's dreams for us, but that threat had been anticipated and already strategically overcome in the predestination of the incarnation.

Jesus Christ did not become human to fix the Fall; he became human to accomplish the eternal purpose of our adoption, and in order to bring our adoption to pass, the Fall had to be called to a halt and undone. The catastrophe of Adam certainly made the road of incarnation, and thus of our adoption, one of pain and suffering and death, but it did not create its necessity. Jesus is not a footnote to Adam and his Fall; the Fall, and indeed creation itself, is a footnote to the purpose of God in Jesus Christ.” (1)

A gospel constructed through the lens of the law is no more real than a flat earth is real. It pays to rightly divide the word of truth. The dividend is life without limit and in your being the possession of spirit and life.

(1) Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, loc 858 Kindle,