His life as your life


As persons we can be very much aware of our inadequacies. Even as insensitive persons – in which we case we may cover our lack or our spiritual ugliness with personal ugly behavior and the gaslighting of others. As Believers we can be down on ourselves because we are aware that we are not much like Jesus and have often not recognised Jesus in others.


Nevertheless He is for us. Christ is our life and the universal human being who is the ‘stand-in’ for us in relation to God, to Himself and to Holy Spirit. He
has our back and is our real identity. He is who we are in God. In Him we see ourselves and who we are becoming.

The good news is better than Jesus gracing us to keep the law. The really good news is Jesus gracing us to be Him – as ourselves. When Jesus is your life you will never be a clone of your community or of anyone else.

You can hear from God. You don’t need a vision or a dream to do it but they are both good ways of hearing. Joe came to see that the incarnation is the basis of the Kingdom of God, the new creation and the gifts. Some-time later Joe heard that George had received a dream from the Lord while praying in which Jesus explained the same things to George that Joe had come to understand as truth.

Joe had not been praying but Joe did live in the Lord with Christ as his life. he go the mind of Christ. Both had received revelation from God. My point is that it’s not special just because we got it in a vision. If you are living in the incarnation you will know what God knows – if you apply yourself to knowing truth and don’t make a life if living in denial because it suits you.

It’s life multiplying to believe what God believes. His beliefs are manifested in Jesus Christ and His new and living way of new covenant comfort in union with God. Our union is much more than an acquaintance with ideas about God. It’s interwoveness with God. This is the key to avoiding the self as a human doing and resting in our being sons and daughters who increasingly sup on more spirit and life and increasingly release more of this to others.

Brad Jersak writes, “
Divine solidarity with humanity is radical. Jesus is not only in the corner of humanity but in every human’s corner *as* a fellow human who also happens to be God . . . There is no human with whom Jesus does not stand. Not one person. Not one! Against every hurled accusation, every derision, and all that mocks our existence: famine, decay, murder, disaster, disease, and death, Jesus has our back. Always. Jesus stands with humanity and with *every* human person . . . against all that accuses us and belittles us and seeks to destroy us, and he does this as our human brother and as God.” (1)

Jesus is in you, God is in you and because Jesus is in you, you are in God.

(1) Jersak, Bradley. IN: Incarnation & Inclusion, Abba & Lamb (p. 132). St. Macrina Press. Kindle Edition.