His life as your life


When we have abandoned all attempts to construct the self either as a Christian self or just any self and we have done this because we have become so desperate that we realise that we need Christ to be our life, we will have been reborn and entered the Kingdom of God to act as a priest of God. We will be an imparter of life because we will have become our real selves – which is to say a son/daughter of God.


As a son/daughter of God we are joined to the trinity and we participate in their fellowship. Their life is woven into our being and we are channels of this spirit and life. This spirit and life is the substance of the Kingdom and the difference between mere existing and possessing life to the full. Non-Christians recognise this as ‘energy’ but it is not energy in the physical sense. It is energy in the sense that it is impartation from the hub of the universe – the fullness of God in you.


The best gift to the weary or the broken is not advice. It’s the gift of ourselves. Who we are as a self is the product of our ideas. One who has grown to maturity out of the womb of the trinity and in the mentorship of Jesus, Holy Spirit and Father is a vastly different human being to one whose person is the womb of a belief system, religion or the law. The former are simply more human, more empathetic and more the embodiment of spirit and life. An ‘I and the Father are one’ person gives them herself - and touches another with the water of life that is the life of God.

Hospitality ‘as a work’ is never hospitable in more than a superficial sense. Not only because it is innately dry but because it can often be accompanied by judgment. As law formed persons we cannot be fully personal let alone nurture the person of another. God gave us the new covenant - where Christ is our life - so that we can live out of our genuine personhood and sonship, rather than the abstractions of the knowledge of good and evil. Charles Ringma writes,

Hospitality does not necessarily mean doing something special for the guest or friend. It means being ourselves and allowing another into the rhythm of our family or community life. It means sharing a meal, providing a room. But more importantly, it means being willing both to share something of ourselves and of our life journey and being open to participate in those things that the guest or friend may share.” (1)

Father gave His genuine and authentic self in the person of His Son, Jesus. To agree with Jesus that you and the Father are one is to give people the presence of God BY BEING YOU.

To be ourselves Christ must be our life. As such a self we are a give of spirit and life in our kindnesses and hospitalities. We are in a real way giving the needy a taste of God.


If we have lived by habit from the law or in the soup of religion it may be that we really do not have a self, or not a self that is authentic. Genuine identity forms exclusively in personal relationship with Jesus, Holy Spirit and our Father. Yet this companionship is available to all. It is the gift not only of eternal life, but the deeper life of the self and genuine community - the community that is the Kingdom of God.

(1) Charles Ringma. Dare to Journey--with Henri Nouwen (Designed for Influence) (Kindle Locations 345-348). Kindle Edition.