His life as your life


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Trinitarian communion of ourselves with God is associated with new covenant life. Not with legalism and fundamentalism.

Belief in the trinity is not an option like some extra we can pay for when buying a new car. Trinitarian belief is germane to the identity of God and the fellowship of you in the Family of God.

Truth always liberates us from some kind of deficiency in our soul, body and spirit. Pursuit it because your life depends on it.

In contrast to being excluded from God and separated, even though a Believer, our belonging is assured and our fellowship with God in fullness is real.

This is
C Baxter Kruger’s sermon, ‘Rethink God.’ A viewer has written, “This is the most profound sermon I've ever heard! I had no idea that being included in the Trinity meant all of these wonderful things. This is like discovering a chest full of precious stones, and gold.”