His life as your life


The lens with which to perceive and know God is forever the person of Jesus Christ – keeping in mind that we need to eschew false Christ’s and ‘know’ the Christ of God. Jesus Christ is the I AM of himself and not an amalgam of religious impressions and guilty consciences.

If you would ‘know’ truth and life in the person of Jesus and are willing to place no caveat or self-made barrier between ourselves and Jesus, you will know Him as He is.


Jesus cannot be seen
as He is through the window of the law. To manufacture a christ who is dependent on the law and the upholder of the law is to produce a false christ. Jesus is the Upholder and Revealer of our Father and of our Real Selves. The Spirit of Christ undoes false christs. ‘Christ come in our flesh’ is the antidote to all false impressions and every false christ that comes as an apparition out of the pit.

Each member of the trinity is a witness to each member of the trinity as well as the ‘God is one’ truth of God’s being. Jesus is the one true witness of who you are.

Holy Spirit specialises in being a witness to the Christ. The Spirit’s manifestations are never displayed as gimmicks. They are advertisements for the fact that Jesus is alive and active among us; that in Jesus we are not orphaned from our Father; that Jesus is the healing of our alienation from God.

To the contrary we belong to the Holy Family and have fellowship with God in the fellowship that the Son has with Father and Holy Spirit. We are
so not alone and more. We are so well positioned for Jesus to reveal Himself to ourselves as He is – if we are willing to live from the incarnation and not from the law, religion, assorted moralisms or any kind of externality.


Not every-one is pleased at the unveiling of the real Father and the True Christ. Their self-generated ‘false-christ’ is part of their sense of religious entitlement. Attachment to the law is deceitful among adherents promote ‘inclusion’. For the law is innately exclusionist. Of the age of Adam it specialises in condemnation. It is innately separatist and exclusionist because the law is judgment. But exclusion is what the at-one-ment (cross) has overcome. As such partial atonements should be seen as the lie it is.

There is but one group that Jesus excluded from a life with Him and this was a result of their own choice. They stuck with the law and
refused to receive Him as their life.

We are one with God because Christ is our life. We are one with Christ. This union is ours. But we must embrace and possess it. There’s no point in being an heir if we never collect and possess. The pure in heart will celebrate the revelation of the glory of Jesus and the glory of the sons of God – ourselves in the person of Jesus.


Good souls many will one day be horrified at the things they now believe of God.’ This prophecy of George MacDonald has found its fulfillment in Brad Jersak’s journey from the ‘volatile moral monster’ to the face of Jesus’ Father. A More Christlike God is a priceless treasure, worthy of serious reflection. Here the ancient song of light sings us new eyes: “Behold the Lamb, just like his Father.” Here we are invited to take sides with Jesus against the way we see, expanding our minds, as St. Hilary said, until they are worthy of the theme, that we may live in Jesus’ world” — C. BAXTER KRUGER, PhD Author of The Shack Revisited and Patmos. (1)

(1) Quoted in, Jersak, Bradley. A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel . CWR Press. Kindle Edition.