His life as your life


  1. We have an identity in Jesus that has nothing to do with denominational distinctives, iconic behaviors, holy apparel or holy days. We belong in fellowship with God because - in Jesus Christ we have been drawn into the fellowship Jesus has in the Holy Family. This is the purpose of the cross. ‘Sin management’ is not the purpose of the cross. Its purpose is Christ in you.
  3. Od many know that we are not holy because we have done good deeds or observed some observances. We are holy because Christ has become our life and we are in agreement with what God has done in Jesus. In short we are holy because we are part of God and God is part of us. We are the sons of God.
  4. Grace is not primarily a means of keeping the law. Nor is it a way of accomplishing Christian behaviours. Grace is a person. Grace is Christ in you. He is the new and living way of being His life in you and more. So in that way He does change our lives. In becoming who you are – ‘Christ come in your flesh’ - Jesus has come in the spirit to manifest as the real you in everyday life. You have an identity in Christ that you cannot add to and which cannot be taken away from you – unless you devise another gospel and a lesser christ by way of perverted teaching.
  5. You are a son/daughter of God because this is your origin and you are a son/daughter in spirit and in truth because Christ is your life.
  7. “Our identity in him is not based on doing in order to become something. We become like Jesus through birth and inheritance; therefore, in order to experience a life that is transformed, we should look to him and what he accomplished on the cross. Instead of speculating on what Jesus would do in any given situation, we ought to meditate on what Jesus has done.” (1)
  8. What has He done? He has made the two one, having undone the separation wrought by Adam. The plan of salvation is an amazing enterprise in which the human race has been woven into God. This is to say we have been woven into the Holy Family in the person of Jesus Christ. So now you are the expression of Jesus. Jesus may speak into your life through ‘words’ and dreams, but your main way of knowing His will is that, you are the expression of Jesus in the same way that Jesus and His Father were one - with the result that He only did what His Father was doing.
  10. The word of God is not the word of man. It is contained in the apostles teaching and this teaching is the authoritative word that originated in the trinity, manifested as Jesus Christ and was embedded in the apostles. It’s major premise is the undoing of Adam and the separatist culture he initiated and the beginning of the new creation that springs from the resurrected Jesus Christ. The gospel of the Kingdom is not of any private interpretation or partisan perspective. Ensure you are locked into Christ’s gospel and not addicted to your own ideas.
  11. “The Word of Christ can only truly be seen when we conform our minds to the mind of Christ. This means we have to lay aside all our premises, theories and preconceptions that tend to blind us. It means what we hear from Christ is far more important than doctrines, denominational statements of faith, etc. When we begin to understand the integrity of Jesus Christ as of one being with the Father (homoousion to Patri) we can then frame our statements in accordance with what is disclosed in Him. What Jesus Christ has said and done in His Person and work takes priority over everything else that is said. This is because no one can say it better than God Himself.”
  13. The person with no identity adds things to himself, like fashionable clothes, a prestige car and a home in the right neighbourhood, yet remains a something and nothing. The orphan Christian looks for identity in religion – a ‘specialness’ in denominational affiliation and distinctive doctrines. But like the woman attempting to buy an identity through clothes, he has no real identity. Our identity as sons is in Christ our life.
  14. (1) Kapler, Michael C.. Clash Of The Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage Through The Grace Guarantee. Kindle Edition.