His life as your life


There’s a difference between inserting a knowledge of good and evil sandwich into a religious opportunity and imparting spirit and life. In one we are a worker and in the other we are sons of God.


In our new covenant union with God, dualism is overcome and separation is healed because we and our Father are one. This is ministry in the spirit of sonship. Such ministry is more a function of the incarnation than the anointing. This is the new and living way in which Jesus ministered the spirit and life that flowed from Father and Holy Spirit through Him and into situations He was bringing to life.

Richard Rohr observes that “The dualistic mind cannot process things like infinity, mystery, God, grace, suffering, sexuality, death, or love; this is exactly why most people stumble over these very issues. The dualistic mind pulls everything down into some kind of tit-for-tat system of false choices and too-simple contraries, which is largely what “fast food religion” teaches, usually without even knowing it.”

New covenant life is not a contract with God or a bargain we make to extract some spiritual advantage. It’s union with God as Jesus urged, ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. The Kingdom of God is never an abstraction. It is the growth of the self as a son/daughter in the Fatherhood of God.


The Christian life is not Christ and you. Neither is it you being good instead of bad. Although virtue is not irrelevant. It’s simply not the cause of life. The cause of life is Christ’s life as your life. Or to put it another way, the trinity expressed as you. This is why the union with God that is already ours is the key and the anointing, the gifts and good deeds are not. In non-dualism, you and Father are one and your branch and fruit are the effect of His Vine.

When Paul spoke of Christ our life he was not speaking of a method of achieving a moral agenda. He meant that in Jesus, God becomes you. No separation, no dualism, just you and the Father being one as a daughter and a son. For this reason a talking given as a new covenant son is different in nature to an address given as an old covenant worker. The first is spirit and life. The second is a talk or Bible study.

Life with God is less contentious, less fraught and more peaceful than many of us realise. This is why as soon as Jesus appeared to the Believers following His resurrection He said, ‘Peace be with you.’ With Christ as your life you are peace.