His life as your life


We are not Godly because we have done good things or even ‘God things.’ The delusion of religion is that we can make ourselves ‘godly’ and attract His favour by ‘doing’. The truth of God is that we are Godly because God is part of us and we are part of God. The lesson is that we need to live in God and not in ourselves so that we can be ourselves – the sons and daughters of God.

The words ‘Be holy as God is Holy,’ are a challenge and for many an impossibility. Some have attempted it through legalism, albeit with a limited focus on one or two items, as though these ‘doings’ are a cover-all for the rest. Thus some may seize on sexual morality as though this is the summit of holiness. Or make a big noise about abortion, as though this is the only atrocity that is committed in the name of non-humanity.


Being Holy As God is Holy is ours when we choose to live in the grace of the incarnation – God interwoven into our being and our being interwoven into God. This is the over-arching grace and the penetrating righteousness that goes below externalities and is the only genuine whole person approach. But we can no more live this out in old covenant Adam than a monkey can become human by wearing a hat it found in the forest.

The genius of our post cross inheritance is that God lives in us and by the Spirit becomes our life. The ‘who’ of who you are is the effect of the Spirit of the Son of Man
as you. This is radical grace. Let’s be clear,


To fully view the picture the Bible portrays about the nature of our God, we have to look at all generations the Bible speaks of. In every generation the loving kindness of God is displayed to a people who never qualified to be loved or favoured … God picks Abraham in a society of idolaters, Abraham was not better than the others but God chose to reveal Himself to Abraham and makes him a father of many. Lot is rescued by the angel of God before the destruction of Sodom, his family found favour in God's eyes. Jacob was not perfect to be chosen by God over Esau, he was a trickster yet God chose him. Abraham his grandfather lied before a gentile king, so did Isaac yet God still identified Himself with them. Judah has a son by his daughter in-law, a gentile woman Tamar who becomes part of the genealogy of Christ.” (1)

The lesson here is not that we can be casual about sin. It is that sin is not God’s obsession. He is obsessed with life and God is life. His passion is to draw us into that life in order that He may enjoy our company and so that He may nourish us with His presence into who we really are: The sons and daughters of God.


The ability to be fully alive and righteous comes not from ourselves but from God. Loving Jesus and obeying Him because of what He has done is not new covenant living and besides, it does not work. We often love ourselves more than we love Him and the ability to be like Him is not in our Adamic self. But it is in our Jesus self. Christ in us becomes us. This is the meaning of Christ our life.

Whole communities of faith have arisen as a result of a perverse rendering of the word of God. By believing Jesus and living in a real Gospel that is not a perversion of the truth – which is to say of gospel promoted by teachers who ‘
rightly divide the word of God,’ we find that God is far better than anyone ever thought and that we have more potential as sons than we have ever imagined.

(1) Odhiambo, Bonface. A book titled, "IN THE EYES OF GRACE": Unveiling Truth as God sees . Unknown. Kindle Edition.